Scuff Worldwide originally started with Scuff Zine, a music based zine that focussed on music in my local area of Reading, UK. The original iteration was put out three times through local record stores and shops as well as online.

After the third issue I decided to broaden the scope of the project, with a keen interest in creating a zine that represents the ever connected nature of our world whilst retaining a DIY and conciously designed zine.

Currently, the project consists of a huge variety of topics. There is a keen focus on modern life, technology and noisy music but the project will likely continue to change and evolve through the years.

The project now consists of zines, prints, t-shirts, magnets, stickers and whatever else I fancy making :^)

Most of the project is created by me (if there is no obvious credit it is my own work) however you will often find guest articles and art by friends of the project.

Enjoy your stay!

If you would like to discuss article ideas, or just want to learn more about the project please get in touch at or shoot a message to the @scuffzine instagram. I'm always keen to discuss things!

Scuff Boy, the mascot often featured throughout Scuff Zine