Lunchtime for the Wild Youth is a music memoir zine I make with my daughter. I do the words, she does the illustrations. We've been going 5 years and have 38 issues out.

Scans in the Sky is a personal exploration into the clouds above, using scanning technology paired with influence taken from Japanese Design Aesthetics.

Surface Noise is a music zine focussing on Punk, Emo and DIY music scenes featuring reviews, interviews and articles.

I run a zine review handle on Instagram. It’s been going since April 2018, and in that time I’ve reviewed 365 zines on there. They are 60 second videos that give you a bit of an insight into what you’ll expect in the zine. They range from art zines to short stories. I even review self-published work from the DIY scene. If you’re into zines, I highly recommend you checking it out, as you might find something you like, and a new zinester you can support. Thanks, and take care. Craig Atkinson.

Echoing and building upon the crunchy, highly dynamic post-rock sounds of the late ’90s and early ’00s, HAAL is a project from Bristol wherein the music and visuals are intended to be taken as one complete piece.
Injecting a flair for motorik rhythms and hypnotic riffs with sudden explosions of noise and power, HAAL promises a commanding, immersive show in which the audience is quickly locked into the rules of the band’s world.
FB/IG: @lunchtimeforthewildyouth

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Zine/Zine Reviews
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Dareshack, Bristol
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