Originally published in Slow Thoughts Paper

Where are you from?

I am from the North of Ireland, the beautiful Emerald Isle.

Tell us a bit about your latest track (Modern Singer)

It started as a bit of a laugh really - poking fun at the London Post-Punk scene. How it can seem exclusively cool to 'outsiders' and how wank it is in reality. Naturally, my insecurities as an Irish fella in London were expressed too.

Your lyrics are very candid, is that something you aim for when songwriting?

I guess I do yeah. I don't ever sit down and have a good long think about lyrics. More often than never I'll randomly remember a line or a verse from maybe two years prior and it just so happens to fit with what I'm writing at that time.

What are some of your inspirations outside the music world?

Gosh, I don't know. Well, I've got an album coming out and a lot of the songs are me reminiscing and being miserable about the fact that my careless days as a student are over and they will never come back, and how class it was. I don't think any other medium strikes me as sheer inspiration. It's all day-to-day life stuff that gets to me. Typical bullshit.

What are three tracks from other artists you recommend?

Country Livin' by Rainn Byrns
Dollar Days by Jimso Slim
Old Peel by Aldous Harding

Any last words (at time of interview)?

Dull Days single coming right at ya on May 27th


Dull Days has now been released and can be listened over on spotify here:

Album coming July 21st