Introducing Leibniz

Leibniz are an alt-rock band from Brighton, UK. Their sound is a melting pot of angsty sonic energy and mellow, ambient chords; taking inspiration from grunge, post-punk, and the “loud-quiet-loud” dynamic made popular in 90s alt-rock. Since forming in late 2019, Leibniz has revolved around evoking and expressing emotion - be it cathartic rage or new-found clarity. Members are Dan Munn (guitar, vox), Elisha McKay (drums) and Jack Roberts (bass).

Following on from their February single 'Prove', they just released 'Pinocchio', which can be found on all platforms. For those who are partial to visuals, you can watch the accompanying MV within this article.

Q: What are some of the key influences for the band?

A: All three of us take inspiration from different places and together it makes our sound a little unique! Dan is inspired by bands like Sonic Youth and Nirvana, Elisha takes a lot of inspiration from bands like Sleep Token and Polyphia, and Jack takes inspiration from bands like Tool, Bad Nerves and My Vitriol.

Q: You just released 'Pinocchio', fill us in on what the songs about

A: 'Pinocchio' is a song mostly about abandoning gender roles, my own journey through gender dysphoria before finally coming to the conclusion that I am non-binary, and the struggle in feeling free and valid with my identity. 'Pinocchio'’s music aims to evoke the internal struggle, and its lyrics are intentionally bold and to the point.

Q: What are some of your favourite bands out there at the moment?

A: Dan - Probably Sonic Youth!
Jack - My Vitriol!
Elisha - Probably Sleep Token

Q: Whats planned next for Leibniz?

A: Up next we plan to gig as much as possible to as many people as possible, we have a load of gigs planned for July and will soon announce more gigs for the rest of this Summer and beyond! Maybe at the end of the year we’ll release some more music too, we’ll just have to wait and see!

To find out more about Leibniz please check them out here: